FlowSwitch<T> FlowSwitch<T> FlowSwitch<T> FlowSwitch<T> Class


A specialized FlowNode that allows modeling a switch construct, with one expression and one outcome for each match.

generic <typename T>
public ref class FlowSwitch sealed : System::Activities::Statements::FlowNode
public sealed class FlowSwitch<T> : System.Activities.Statements.FlowNode
type FlowSwitch<'T> = class
    inherit FlowNode
Public NotInheritable Class FlowSwitch(Of T)
Inherits FlowNode

Type Parameters


The type of the expression to evaluate against cases.



The following code sample demonstrates creating a FlowSwitch<T> node. This example is from the Fault Handling in a Flowchart Activity Using TryCatch sample.

FlowSwitch<string> promoCodeSwitch = new FlowSwitch<string>
    Expression = promo,
    Cases =
       { "Single", singleStep },
       { "MNK", mnkStep },
       { "MWK", mwkStep }
    Default = discountDefault


FlowSwitch<T>() FlowSwitch<T>() FlowSwitch<T>() FlowSwitch<T>()

Creates a new instance of the FlowSwitch<T> class.


Cases Cases Cases Cases

Gets a dictionary of cases to be processed by the FlowSwitch<T> element.

Default Default Default Default

The FlowNode to be executed if no elements in the Cases collection match the result of the evaluation of the Expression.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the name of this flow switch to be displayed in the activity designer.

Expression Expression Expression Expression

The expression to evaluate against the collection of Cases.


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