StructuralComparisons StructuralComparisons StructuralComparisons StructuralComparisons Class


Provides objects for performing a structural comparison of two collection objects.

public ref class StructuralComparisons abstract sealed
public static class StructuralComparisons
type StructuralComparisons = class
Public Class StructuralComparisons


The StructuralComparisons class returns the following two predefined comparison objects:

The objects can be used to perform a structural comparison or a structural equality comparison of two collection objects, such as array or tuple objects. In structural comparison, two objects are compared based on their values. Objects can be ordered based on some criteria, and two objects are considered equal when they have equal values, not because they reference the same physical object


StructuralComparer StructuralComparer StructuralComparer StructuralComparer

Gets a predefined object that performs a structural comparison of two objects.

StructuralEqualityComparer StructuralEqualityComparer StructuralEqualityComparer StructuralEqualityComparer

Gets a predefined object that compares two objects for structural equality.

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