ComponentDesigner.OnSetComponentDefaults Method



This API is now obsolete.

Sets the default properties for the component.

 virtual void OnSetComponentDefaults();
[System.Obsolete("This method has been deprecated. Use InitializeNewComponent instead.")]
public virtual void OnSetComponentDefaults ();
abstract member OnSetComponentDefaults : unit -> unit
override this.OnSetComponentDefaults : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub OnSetComponentDefaults ()


OnSetComponentDefaults is called when the designer is initialized. This allows the designer to provide default values for the base component.

This method is called only once: when you first create the component by dragging it from the Toolbox to the design surface. Subsequent initializations of the designer do not invoke this method.

The default implementation of this method sets the default property of the component to the name of the component if the default property is a string and the property is not already set. This method can be implemented in a derived class to customize the initialization of the component that this designer is designing.

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