ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection Class


Represents a collection of shadow properties that should override inherited default or assigned values for specific properties. This class cannot be inherited.

protected: ref class ComponentDesigner::ShadowPropertyCollection sealed
protected sealed class ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection
Protected NotInheritable Class ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection


ComponentDesigner.ShadowPropertyCollection stores a collection of values for specific properties that override any other value for these properties at design time. This is useful for ensuring that a specific property is set to a specific value, for example, in situations when the background form should always have its visible property set to true.


Item[String] Item[String] Item[String]

Gets or sets the object at the specified index.


Contains(String) Contains(String) Contains(String)

Indicates whether a property matching the specified name exists in the collection.

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