IDesignerLoaderHost2 IDesignerLoaderHost2 IDesignerLoaderHost2 IDesignerLoaderHost2 Interface


Provides an interface that extends IDesignerLoaderHost to specify whether errors are tolerated while loading a design document.

public interface class IDesignerLoaderHost2 : System::ComponentModel::Design::Serialization::IDesignerLoaderHost
public interface IDesignerLoaderHost2 : System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.IDesignerLoaderHost
type IDesignerLoaderHost2 = interface
    interface IDesignerLoaderHost
    interface IDesignerHost
    interface IServiceContainer
    interface IServiceProvider
Public Interface IDesignerLoaderHost2
Implements IDesignerLoaderHost


Use the IDesignerLoaderHost2 interface to specify whether the designer loader can continue loading when errors occur during deserialization.


CanReloadWithErrors CanReloadWithErrors CanReloadWithErrors CanReloadWithErrors

Gets or sets a value indicating whether it is possible to reload with errors.

IgnoreErrorsDuringReload IgnoreErrorsDuringReload IgnoreErrorsDuringReload IgnoreErrorsDuringReload

Gets or sets a value indicating whether errors should be ignored when Reload() is called.

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