EditorBrowsableState Enum


Specifies the browsable state of a property or method from within an editor.

public enum class EditorBrowsableState
public enum EditorBrowsableState
type EditorBrowsableState = 
Public Enum EditorBrowsableState


Advanced 2

The property or method is a feature that only advanced users should see. An editor can either show or hide such properties.

Always 0

The property or method is always browsable from within an editor.

Never 1

The property or method is never browsable from within an editor.


For an example of using the EditorBrowsableState enumerator, see the sample code in EditorBrowsableAttribute class.


This class is used by a visual designer to determine what is visible to the user. For example, the IntelliSense engine in Visual Studio never shows methods or properties that are marked as Never. Use EditorBrowsableAttribute to specify the EditorBrowsableState for a member.

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