MaskedTextProvider.LastAssignedPosition MaskedTextProvider.LastAssignedPosition MaskedTextProvider.LastAssignedPosition MaskedTextProvider.LastAssignedPosition Property


Gets the index in the mask of the rightmost input character that has been assigned to the mask.

 property int LastAssignedPosition { int get(); };
public int LastAssignedPosition { get; }
member this.LastAssignedPosition : int
Public ReadOnly Property LastAssignedPosition As Integer

Property Value

If at least one input character has been assigned to the mask, an Int32 containing the index of rightmost assigned position; otherwise, if no position has been assigned, InvalidIndex.


The LastAssignedPosition property represents the farthest edit position in the mask, relative to the origin, that has been assigned an input character. For languages read left-to-right (LTR), such as English, this is the rightmost assigned position; for languages read right-to-left (RTL), this would be the leftmost position.

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