Configuration.GetSection(String) Configuration.GetSection(String) Configuration.GetSection(String) Configuration.GetSection(String) Method


Returns the specified ConfigurationSection object.

 System::Configuration::ConfigurationSection ^ GetSection(System::String ^ path);
public System.Configuration.ConfigurationSection GetSection (string path);
member this.GetSection : string -> System.Configuration.ConfigurationSection
Public Function GetSection (path As String) As ConfigurationSection


String String String String

The path to the section to be returned.


The specified ConfigurationSection object, or null if the requested section does not exist.


The following example shows how to use the GetSection method to access a custom section. For the complete example code that defines a class that stores information for the CustomSection section, see the Configuration class overview.

// Show how to use the GetSection(string) method.
static void GetCustomSection()

        CustomSection customSection;

        // Get the current configuration file.
        System.Configuration.Configuration config =
                ConfigurationUserLevel.None) as Configuration;

        customSection =
            config.GetSection("CustomSection") as CustomSection;

        Console.WriteLine("Section name: {0}", customSection.Name);
        Console.WriteLine("Url: {0}", customSection.Url);
        Console.WriteLine("Port: {0}", customSection.Port);

    catch (ConfigurationErrorsException err)
        Console.WriteLine("Using GetSection(string): {0}", err.ToString());

' Show how to use the GetSection(string) method.
Public Shared Sub GetCustomSection()

        Dim customSection As CustomSection

        ' Get the current configuration file.
        Dim config As System.Configuration.Configuration = TryCast(ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None), Configuration)

        customSection = TryCast(config.GetSection("CustomSection"), CustomSection)

        Console.WriteLine("Section name: {0}", customSection.Name)
        Console.WriteLine("Url: {0}", customSection.Url)
        Console.WriteLine("Port: {0}", customSection.Port)

    Catch err As ConfigurationErrorsException
        Console.WriteLine("Using GetSection(string): {0}", err.ToString())
    End Try

End Sub


Configuration settings are contained within sections that group similar settings together for convenience. The GetSection method retrieves a configuration section by its name.

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