Configuration.SectionGroups Property


Gets a collection of the section groups defined by this configuration.

 property System::Configuration::ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection ^ SectionGroups { System::Configuration::ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Configuration.ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection SectionGroups { get; }
member this.SectionGroups : System.Configuration.ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection
Public ReadOnly Property SectionGroups As ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection

Property Value


A ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection collection representing the collection of section groups for this Configuration object.


The following code example demonstrates how to use the SectionGroups property.

    groups = config.SectionGroups;
Console.WriteLine("Groups: {0}", groups.Count.ToString());
foreach (ConfigurationSectionGroup group in groups)
    Console.WriteLine("Group Name: {0}", group.Name);
   // Console.WriteLine("Group Type: {0}", group.Type);
Dim groups As ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection = config.SectionGroups
Console.WriteLine("Groups: {0}", groups.Count.ToString())
For Each group As ConfigurationSectionGroup In groups
    Console.WriteLine("Group Name: {0}", group.Name)
    ' Console.WriteLine("Group Type: {0}", group.Type);
Next group


Configuration sections can be combined into groups for convenience and added functionality. Access the SectionGroups property to retrieve the ConfigurationSectionGroupCollection object representing the collection of section groups for this Configuration object. If this Configuration object represents an inherited view, the merged list of section groups will be returned.

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