DictionarySectionHandler DictionarySectionHandler DictionarySectionHandler DictionarySectionHandler Class


Provides key/value pair configuration information from a configuration section.

public ref class DictionarySectionHandler : System::Configuration::IConfigurationSectionHandler
public class DictionarySectionHandler : System.Configuration.IConfigurationSectionHandler
type DictionarySectionHandler = class
    interface IConfigurationSectionHandler
Public Class DictionarySectionHandler
Implements IConfigurationSectionHandler


This class implements the IConfigSectionHandler interface. The DictionarySectionHandler defines rules for manipulating XML configuration sections.


DictionarySectionHandler() DictionarySectionHandler() DictionarySectionHandler() DictionarySectionHandler()

Initializes a new instance of the DictionarySectionHandler class.


KeyAttributeName KeyAttributeName KeyAttributeName KeyAttributeName

Gets the XML attribute name to use as the key in a key/value pair.

ValueAttributeName ValueAttributeName ValueAttributeName ValueAttributeName

Gets the XML attribute name to use as the value in a key/value pair.


Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode) Create(Object, Object, XmlNode)

Creates a new configuration handler and adds it to the section-handler collection based on the specified parameters.

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