DataViewSetting DataViewSetting DataViewSetting DataViewSetting Class


Represents the default settings for ApplyDefaultSort, DataViewManager, RowFilter, RowStateFilter, Sort, and Table for DataViews created from the DataViewManager.

public ref class DataViewSetting
public class DataViewSetting
type DataViewSetting = class
Public Class DataViewSetting


ApplyDefaultSort ApplyDefaultSort ApplyDefaultSort ApplyDefaultSort

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use the default sort.

DataViewManager DataViewManager DataViewManager DataViewManager

Gets the DataViewManager that contains this DataViewSetting.

RowFilter RowFilter RowFilter RowFilter

Gets or sets the filter to apply in the DataView. See RowFilter for a code sample using RowFilter.

RowStateFilter RowStateFilter RowStateFilter RowStateFilter

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to display Current, Deleted, Modified Current, ModifiedOriginal, New, Original, Unchanged, or no rows in the DataView.

Sort Sort Sort Sort

Gets or sets a value indicating the sort to apply in the DataView.

Table Table Table Table

Gets the DataTable to which the DataViewSetting properties apply.


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