EdmProperty EdmProperty EdmProperty Class


In conceptual-space, EdmProperty represents a property on an Entity. In store-space, EdmProperty represents a column in a table.

public class EdmProperty : System.Data.Entity.Core.Metadata.Edm.EdmMember
type EdmProperty = class
    inherit EdmMember
Public Class EdmProperty
Inherits EdmMember


BuiltInTypeKind BuiltInTypeKind BuiltInTypeKind

Gets the built-in type kind for this EdmProperty.

CollectionKind CollectionKind CollectionKind

Gets or sets the kind of collection for this model.

ComplexType ComplexType ComplexType

Gets the complex type information for this property.

ConcurrencyMode ConcurrencyMode ConcurrencyMode

Gets or sets the concurrency mode for the property.

DeclaringType DeclaringType DeclaringType

Gets the type on which this member is declared.

(Inherited from EdmMember)
DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue

Gets the default value for this EdmProperty.

Documentation Documentation Documentation

Gets or sets the documentation associated with this type.

(Inherited from MetadataItem)
EnumType EnumType EnumType

Gets the enumeration type information for this property.

IsCollectionType IsCollectionType IsCollectionType

Gets whether the property is a collection type property.

IsComplexType IsComplexType IsComplexType

Gets whether this property is a complex type property.

IsEnumType IsEnumType IsEnumType

Gets whether this property is an enumeration type property.

IsFixedLength IsFixedLength IsFixedLength

Gets or sets whether the length of this property is fixed.

IsFixedLengthConstant IsFixedLengthConstant IsFixedLengthConstant

Gets whether the fixed length facet is constant for the database provider.

IsMaxLength IsMaxLength IsMaxLength

Gets or sets whether this property uses the maximum length supported by the provider.

IsMaxLengthConstant IsMaxLengthConstant IsMaxLengthConstant

Gets whether the maximum length facet is constant for the database provider.

IsPrecisionConstant IsPrecisionConstant IsPrecisionConstant

Gets whether the precision facet is constant for the database provider.

IsPrimitiveType IsPrimitiveType IsPrimitiveType

Gets whether this property is a primitive type.

IsScaleConstant IsScaleConstant IsScaleConstant

Gets whether the scale facet is constant for the database provider.

IsStoreGeneratedComputed IsStoreGeneratedComputed IsStoreGeneratedComputed

Tells whether this member is marked as a Computed member in the EDM definition

(Inherited from EdmMember)
IsStoreGeneratedIdentity IsStoreGeneratedIdentity IsStoreGeneratedIdentity

Tells whether this member's Store generated pattern is marked as Identity in the EDM definition

(Inherited from EdmMember)
IsUnderlyingPrimitiveType IsUnderlyingPrimitiveType IsUnderlyingPrimitiveType

Gets whether this property is an underlying primitive type.

IsUnicode IsUnicode IsUnicode

Gets or sets whether this property is a Unicode property.

IsUnicodeConstant IsUnicodeConstant IsUnicodeConstant

Gets whether the Unicode facet is constant for the database provider.

MaxLength MaxLength MaxLength

Gets or sets the maximum length of the property.

MetadataProperties MetadataProperties MetadataProperties

Gets the list of properties of the current type.

(Inherited from MetadataItem)
Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the property. Setting this from a store-space model-convention will change the name of the database column for this property. In the conceptual model, this should align with the corresponding property from the entity class and should not be changed.

(Inherited from EdmMember)
Nullable Nullable Nullable

Gets a value indicating whether this EdmProperty can have a null value.

Precision Precision Precision

Gets or sets the precision of this property.

PrimitiveType PrimitiveType PrimitiveType

Gets the primitive type information for this property.

Scale Scale Scale

Gets or sets the scale of this property.

StoreGeneratedPattern StoreGeneratedPattern StoreGeneratedPattern

Gets or sets the database generation method for the database column associated with this property

TypeName TypeName TypeName

Gets the type name of the property.

TypeUsage TypeUsage TypeUsage

Gets the instance of the TypeUsage class that contains both the type of the member and facets for the type.

(Inherited from EdmMember)
UnderlyingPrimitiveType UnderlyingPrimitiveType UnderlyingPrimitiveType

Gets the underlying primitive type information for this property.


AddAnnotation(String, Object) AddAnnotation(String, Object) AddAnnotation(String, Object)

Adds or updates an annotation with the specified name and value.

(Inherited from MetadataItem)
Create(String, TypeUsage) Create(String, TypeUsage) Create(String, TypeUsage)

Creates a new instance of EdmProperty type.

CreateComplex(String, ComplexType) CreateComplex(String, ComplexType) CreateComplex(String, ComplexType)

Creates a new complex property.

CreateEnum(String, EnumType) CreateEnum(String, EnumType) CreateEnum(String, EnumType)

Creates a new enum property.

CreatePrimitive(String, PrimitiveType) CreatePrimitive(String, PrimitiveType) CreatePrimitive(String, PrimitiveType)

Creates a new primitive property.

RemoveAnnotation(String) RemoveAnnotation(String) RemoveAnnotation(String)

Removes an annotation with the specified name.

(Inherited from MetadataItem)
SetMetadataProperties(IEnumerable<MetadataProperty>) SetMetadataProperties(IEnumerable<MetadataProperty>) SetMetadataProperties(IEnumerable<MetadataProperty>)

Sets the metadata properties.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns the name of this member.

(Inherited from EdmMember)

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