Pen.CustomStartCap Pen.CustomStartCap Pen.CustomStartCap Pen.CustomStartCap Property


Gets or sets a custom cap to use at the beginning of lines drawn with this Pen.

 property System::Drawing::Drawing2D::CustomLineCap ^ CustomStartCap { System::Drawing::Drawing2D::CustomLineCap ^ get(); void set(System::Drawing::Drawing2D::CustomLineCap ^ value); };
public System.Drawing.Drawing2D.CustomLineCap CustomStartCap { get; set; }
member this.CustomStartCap : System.Drawing.Drawing2D.CustomLineCap with get, set
Public Property CustomStartCap As CustomLineCap

Property Value

A CustomLineCap that represents the cap used at the beginning of lines drawn with this Pen.


The CustomStartCap property is set on an immutable Pen, such as those returned by the Pens class.

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