TextInfo.CultureName Property


Gets the name of the culture associated with the current TextInfo object.

 property System::String ^ CultureName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string CultureName { get; }
public string CultureName { get; }
member this.CultureName : string
member this.CultureName : string
Public ReadOnly Property CultureName As String

Property Value


The name of a culture.



A TextInfo object is created from a specific culture, and the CultureName property returns the name of that culture.

The CultureName property always reflects a specific culture rather than a neutral culture. If CultureInfo.Name has a neutral culture as its value, then the corresponding CultureName has as its value an arbitrary specific culture that uses the same language. For example, the Name property returns "en" for the English neutral culture, but the corresponding CultureName property might return "en-US" for the English (United States) culture. If the TextInfo object is associated with a specific culture instead of a neutral culture, the value of its CultureName property is always identical to the Name property value of its associated CultureInfo object.

Similarly, the CultureName property never reflects a particular sort. It always corresponds to a default sort order. For example, the default sort order for Spanish (Spain) is the international sort order. If CultureInfo.Name is es-ES_tradnl (Spanish with the traditional sort order) then the corresponding CultureName is es-ES (Spanish with the default international sort order).

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