Rights.Identity Rights.Identity Rights.Identity Rights.Identity Property


Gets a string that specifies that the right represents an identity.

 static property System::String ^ Identity { System::String ^ get(); };
public static string Identity { get; }
member this.Identity : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Identity As String

Property Value

The right that represents an identity.


The string that is returned by the Identity property is http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/right/identity.

In general, a typical ClaimSet has one claim with the Identity right. This claim represents the identity of the ClaimSet. For example, a WindowsClaimSet has a SID claim that represents the user's SID. Likewise, the X509CertificateClaimSet has a Thumbprint claim that represents the identity that is associated with an X.509 certificate.

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