HttpModuleBase.InitializeModule(HttpApplication) Method


When overridden in a derived class, initializes the current module and prepares it to handle events from its ASP.NET application object.

 abstract void InitializeModule(System::Web::HttpApplication ^ context);
protected abstract void InitializeModule (System.Web.HttpApplication context);
abstract member InitializeModule : System.Web.HttpApplication -> unit
Protected MustOverride Sub InitializeModule (context As HttpApplication)



The application object which contains this module.


Use the InitializeModule method to load any additional configuration state as well as to register event handling methods with specific events raised by the HttpApplication object. When this method is called from the Init method, the FederationConfiguration property has already been initialized. You can get the configuration object that is in effect for this module from this property. The FederationConfiguration property should be used for all token processing in this module.

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