SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs Class


Provides data for the SecurityTokenValidated event.

public ref class SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs : System::ComponentModel::CancelEventArgs
public class SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs : System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs
type SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs = class
    inherit CancelEventArgs
Public Class SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs
Inherits CancelEventArgs


The event is raised just after the issued token that was received from the security token service (STS) is validated during sign-in. You can access the principal that was created during validation by using the ClaimsPrincipal property and either modify or replace it. You can set the Cancel property to cancel processing of the sign-in response message.


SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs(ClaimsPrincipal) SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs(ClaimsPrincipal) SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs(ClaimsPrincipal) SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs(ClaimsPrincipal)

Initializes a new instance of the SecurityTokenValidatedEventArgs class.


Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the event should be canceled.

(Inherited from CancelEventArgs)
ClaimsPrincipal ClaimsPrincipal ClaimsPrincipal ClaimsPrincipal

Gets or sets the ClaimsPrincipal that results from token validation.


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