X509SecurityToken.SecurityKeys Property


Gets the cryptographic keys associated with the security token.

 virtual property System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::IdentityModel::Tokens::SecurityKey ^> ^ SecurityKeys { System::Collections::ObjectModel::ReadOnlyCollection<System::IdentityModel::Tokens::SecurityKey ^> ^ get(); };
public override System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityKey> SecurityKeys { get; }
member this.SecurityKeys : System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<System.IdentityModel.Tokens.SecurityKey>
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property SecurityKeys As ReadOnlyCollection(Of SecurityKey)

Property Value


A ReadOnlyCollection<T> of type SecurityKey that contains the set of keys associated with the security token.


Use the SecurityKeys property to set the cryptographic keys for this security token to protect a SOAP message. The keys can be used, among other things, to digitally sign or encrypt SOAP messages.

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