PackagePart.GetContentTypeCore Method


When overridden in a derived class, returns the MIME type of the part content.

 virtual System::String ^ GetContentTypeCore();
protected virtual string GetContentTypeCore ();
abstract member GetContentTypeCore : unit -> string
override this.GetContentTypeCore : unit -> string
Protected Overridable Function GetContentTypeCore () As String



The MIME type of the part content.


The derived class does not provide an override implementation required for the GetContentTypeCore() method.


GetContentTypeCore is a virtual method of the PackagePart abstract base class. Implement this method only in derived types where the value for the content type cannot be provided at the time of construction, or if calculating the content type value is a nontrivial or costly operation. The return value must be a valid MIME content type.

Derived classes can call GetContentTypeCore to initialize the ContentType property of the derived class to a default value. After the ContentType property has been set it cannot be changed.

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