MemberListBinding MemberListBinding MemberListBinding MemberListBinding Class


Represents initializing the elements of a collection member of a newly created object.

public ref class MemberListBinding sealed : System::Linq::Expressions::MemberBinding
public sealed class MemberListBinding : System.Linq.Expressions.MemberBinding
type MemberListBinding = class
    inherit MemberBinding
Public NotInheritable Class MemberListBinding
Inherits MemberBinding


Use the ListBind factory methods to create a MemberListBinding.

A MemberListBinding has the BindingType property equal to ListBinding.


BindingType BindingType BindingType BindingType

Gets the type of binding that is represented.

(Inherited from MemberBinding)
Initializers Initializers Initializers Initializers

Gets the element initializers for initializing a collection member of a newly created object.

Member Member Member Member

Gets the field or property to be initialized.

(Inherited from MemberBinding)


Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

(Inherited from Object)
GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Serves as the default hash function.

(Inherited from Object)
GetType() GetType() GetType() GetType()

Gets the Type of the current instance.

(Inherited from Object)
MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone() MemberwiseClone()

Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.

(Inherited from Object)
ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a textual representation of the MemberBinding.

(Inherited from MemberBinding)
Update(IEnumerable<ElementInit>) Update(IEnumerable<ElementInit>) Update(IEnumerable<ElementInit>) Update(IEnumerable<ElementInit>)

Creates a new expression that is like this one, but using the supplied children. If all of the children are the same, it will return this expression.

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