Message.ArrivedTime Message.ArrivedTime Message.ArrivedTime Message.ArrivedTime Property


Gets the time that the message arrived in the destination queue.

 property DateTime ArrivedTime { DateTime get(); };
public DateTime ArrivedTime { get; }
member this.ArrivedTime : DateTime
Public ReadOnly Property ArrivedTime As DateTime

Property Value

A DateTime that represents the message's arrival time in the destination queue. The time is adjusted from GMT to the local time of the computer on which the destination queue resides.


The message has not been sent. This property can only be read on messages retrieved from a queue.


The message queue is filtered to ignore the ArrivedTime property.


The following code example displays the value of a message's ArrivedTime property.


The message's TimeToBeReceived property indicates how quickly the message must be received from the destination queue. The TimeToBeReceived property timer starts when the message is sent, not when the message arrives in the queue.

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