Message.ConnectorType Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates that some message properties typically set by Message Queuing were set by the sending application.

 property Guid ConnectorType { Guid get(); void set(Guid value); };
public Guid ConnectorType { get; set; }
member this.ConnectorType : Guid with get, set
Public Property ConnectorType As Guid

Property Value


A Guid defined by the application and used in conjunction with connector applications or message encryption. This Guid allows a receiving application to interpret message properties that were set by the sending application but that are usually set by Message Queuing.



The message queue is filtered to ignore the ConnectorType property.


Message Queuing requires the ConnectorType property be set whenever an application sets a message property that is usually set by Message Queuing. An application typically uses a ConnectorType in the following two cases:

  • Whenever a connector application passes a message. The ConnectorType tells the sending and receiving applications how to interpret the security and acknowledgment properties of the message.

  • Whenever the sending application, rather than Message Queuing, encrypts a message. The ConnectorType tells Message Queuing to use the DestinationSymmetricKey property value to decrypt the message.

You must set the ConnectorType property if you set any of the following properties (otherwise, the queue ignores these properties when the message is sent):

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