MessageQueue.LastModifyTime MessageQueue.LastModifyTime MessageQueue.LastModifyTime MessageQueue.LastModifyTime Property


Gets the last time the properties of a queue were modified.

 property DateTime LastModifyTime { DateTime get(); };
public DateTime LastModifyTime { get; }
member this.LastModifyTime : DateTime
Public ReadOnly Property LastModifyTime As DateTime

Property Value

A DateTime that indicates when the queue properties were last modified.


An error occurred when accessing a Message Queuing method.


The following code example displays the value of a message queue's LastModifyTime property.

// Display the value of the queue's LastModifyTime property.
Console.WriteLine("MessageQueue.LastModifyTime: {0}", queue.LastModifyTime);


The last modification time includes when the queue was created and any MessageQueue property that modifies the Message Queuing queue, such as BasePriority. The value of the LastModifyTime property represents the system time of the local computer.

You must call Refresh before getting the LastModifyTime property; otherwise, the modification time associated with this MessageQueue might not be current.

The following table shows whether this property is available in various Workgroup modes.

Workgroup mode Available
Local computer Yes
Local computer and direct format name Yes
Remote computer No
Remote computer and direct format name No

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