RequestCachePolicy RequestCachePolicy RequestCachePolicy RequestCachePolicy Class


Defines an application's caching requirements for resources obtained by using WebRequest objects.

public ref class RequestCachePolicy
public class RequestCachePolicy
type RequestCachePolicy = class
Public Class RequestCachePolicy


The following code example creates a policy with Level set to CacheOnly, and uses it to set the cache policy of a WebRequest.

static WebResponse^ GetResponseFromCache( Uri^ uri )
   RequestCachePolicy^ policy = gcnew RequestCachePolicy( RequestCacheLevel::CacheOnly );
   WebRequest^ request = WebRequest::Create( uri );
   request->CachePolicy = policy;
   WebResponse^ response = request->GetResponse();
   Console::WriteLine( L"Policy level is {0}.", policy->Level );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Is the response from the cache? {0}", response->IsFromCache );
   return response;
public static WebResponse GetResponseFromCache(Uri uri)
     RequestCachePolicy policy = 
        new  RequestCachePolicy( RequestCacheLevel.CacheOnly);
    WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(uri);
    request.CachePolicy = policy;
    WebResponse response = request.GetResponse();
    Console.WriteLine("Policy level is {0}.", policy.Level.ToString());
    Console.WriteLine("Is the response from the cache? {0}", response.IsFromCache);  
    return response;


You can specify a default cache policy for your application by using the DefaultCachePolicy property or the application or machine configuration files. For more information, see <requestCaching> Element (Network Settings).

You can specify the cache policy for an individual request by using the CachePolicy property.

Caching for Web services is not supported.


RequestCachePolicy() RequestCachePolicy() RequestCachePolicy() RequestCachePolicy()

Initializes a new instance of the RequestCachePolicy class.

RequestCachePolicy(RequestCacheLevel) RequestCachePolicy(RequestCacheLevel) RequestCachePolicy(RequestCacheLevel) RequestCachePolicy(RequestCacheLevel)

Initializes a new instance of the RequestCachePolicy class. using the specified cache policy.


Level Level Level Level

Gets the RequestCacheLevel value specified when this instance was constructed.


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