PeerName.Classifier Property


Returns a string that contains the classifier for a peer-to-peer PeerName.

 property System::String ^ Classifier { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Classifier { get; }
member this.Classifier : string
Public ReadOnly Property Classifier As String

Property Value


The string which contains the classifier portion used to identify a peer name for PeerNameRegistration or resolution within a PNRP Cloud.

Unless explicitly specified, the default value for all properties is null for reference types and zero (0) for properties of type int.


The format of a peer name is: Authority.Classifier. The peer name Classifier component can be set to any string that contains 149 or fewer Unicode characters, including the null ("\0") terminator. Peer name strings are case-sensitive.

For secured peer names, the classifier and the dot (period) after the authority are optional. For unsecured peer names, the classifier is not optional.

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