PeerName.PeerHostName Property


Gets the name of the peer-to-peer host. This is a DNS-encoded version of the PeerName which is equivalent to a PeerHostName in that they are both identifiers. The difference between the two is visual representation.

 property System::String ^ PeerHostName { System::String ^ get(); };
[get: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public string PeerHostName { get; }
[<get: System.Security.SecurityCritical>]
member this.PeerHostName : string
Public ReadOnly Property PeerHostName As String

Property Value


A String value that is the name of the peer-to-peer host. Unless explicitly specified, the default value for all properties is null for reference types.



The peer-to-peer host is the "seed node" responsible for initiating the peer-to-peer networking session, inviting peers to participate in applications for which this type of network connectivity is most appropriate for communications such as chat groups or game sessions.

The PeerHostName property specifies the name of a peer that created the peer-to-peer networking session, and which is considered the host of the session. The host of a peer-to-peer networking session may collect peers into more than one Cloud. Also, a peer may simultaneously be hosted by more than one peer host.

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