SslStream.CipherAlgorithm Property


Gets a value that identifies the bulk encryption algorithm used by this SslStream.

 virtual property System::Security::Authentication::CipherAlgorithmType CipherAlgorithm { System::Security::Authentication::CipherAlgorithmType get(); };
public virtual System.Security.Authentication.CipherAlgorithmType CipherAlgorithm { get; }
member this.CipherAlgorithm : System.Security.Authentication.CipherAlgorithmType
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property CipherAlgorithm As CipherAlgorithmType

Property Value


A value that identifies the bulk encryption algorithm used by this SslStream.


The CipherAlgorithm property was accessed before the completion of the authentication process or the authentication process failed.


The following code example displays the cryptography settings for the specified stream.

static void DisplaySecurityLevel( SslStream^ stream )
   Console::WriteLine( L"Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream->CipherAlgorithm, stream->CipherStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream->HashAlgorithm, stream->HashStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream->KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream->KeyExchangeStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Protocol: {0}", stream->SslProtocol );
static void DisplaySecurityLevel(SslStream stream)
   Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol);
Private Shared Sub DisplaySecurityLevel(stream As SslStream)
    Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol)
End Sub


A value of Null is required for the CipherAlgorithm property when the NoEncryption enumeration value is used to construct a SslStream instance.

Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP do not support the Null value. So even if the Null value is used to construct the SslStream instance, the EncryptionPolicy property will be None. The Null value is only returned on Windows Vista and later.

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