DebugDirectoryEntryType Enum


public enum class DebugDirectoryEntryType
public enum DebugDirectoryEntryType
type DebugDirectoryEntryType = 
Public Enum DebugDirectoryEntryType


CodeView 2

Associated PDB file description.

Coff 1

The COFF debug information (line numbers, symbol table, and string table). This type of debug information is also pointed to by fields in the file headers.

EmbeddedPortablePdb 17

The entry points to a blob containing Embedded Portable PDB. The Embedded Portable PDB blob has the following format:

- blob ::= uncompressed-size data

- Data spans the remainder of the blob and contains a Deflate-compressed Portable PDB.

PdbChecksum 19

The entry stores a crypto hash of the content of the symbol file the PE/COFF file was built with. The hash can be used to validate that a given PDB file was built with the PE/COFF file and not altered in any way. More than one entry can be present if multiple PDBs were produced during the build of the PE/COFF file (e.g. private and public symbols).

Reproducible 16

The presence of this entry indicates a deterministic PE/COFF file. See the Remarks section for more information.

Unknown 0

An unknown value that should be ignored by all tools.


See the following for the specifications related to individual enumeration members:

Member Specification
CodeView CodeView Debug Directory Entry (type 2)
EmbeddedPortablePdb Embedded Portale PDB Debu Directory Entry (type 17)
PdbChecksum PDB Checksum Debug Directory Entry (type 19)
Reproducible See Deterministic Debug Directory Entry (type 16)


The tool that produced the deterministic PE/COFF file guarantees that the entire content of the file is based solely on documented inputs given to the tool (such as source files, resource files, compiler options, etc.) rather than ambient environment variables (such as the current time, the operating system, the bitness of the process running the tool, etc.).

The value of the TimeDateStamp field in the COFF File Header of a deterministic PE/COFF file does not indicate the date and time when the file was produced and should not be interpreted that way. Instead, the value of the field is derived from a hash of the file content. The algorithm to calculate this value is an implementation detail of the tool that produced the file.

The debug directory entry of type Reproducible must have all fields except for DebugDirectoryEntry.Type zeroed.

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