AceFlags AceFlags AceFlags AceFlags Enum


Specifies the inheritance and auditing behavior of an access control entry (ACE).

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class AceFlags
public enum AceFlags
type AceFlags = 
Public Enum AceFlags


AuditFlags AuditFlags AuditFlags AuditFlags 192

All access attempts are audited.

ContainerInherit ContainerInherit ContainerInherit ContainerInherit 2

The access mask is propagated to child container objects.

FailedAccess FailedAccess FailedAccess FailedAccess 128

Failed access attempts are audited.

InheritanceFlags InheritanceFlags InheritanceFlags InheritanceFlags 15

A logical OR of ObjectInherit, ContainerInherit, NoPropagateInherit, and InheritOnly.

Inherited Inherited Inherited Inherited 16

An ACE is inherited from a parent container rather than being explicitly set for an object.

InheritOnly InheritOnly InheritOnly InheritOnly 8

The access mask is propagated only to child objects. This includes both container and leaf child objects.

None None None None 0

No ACE flags are set.

NoPropagateInherit NoPropagateInherit NoPropagateInherit NoPropagateInherit 4

The access checks do not apply to the object; they only apply to its children.

ObjectInherit ObjectInherit ObjectInherit ObjectInherit 1

The access mask is propagated onto child leaf objects.

SuccessfulAccess SuccessfulAccess SuccessfulAccess SuccessfulAccess 64

Successful access attempts are audited.

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