CryptoKeyRights CryptoKeyRights CryptoKeyRights CryptoKeyRights Enum


Specifies the cryptographic key operation for which an authorization rule controls access or auditing.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class CryptoKeyRights
public enum CryptoKeyRights
type CryptoKeyRights = 
Public Enum CryptoKeyRights


ChangePermissions ChangePermissions ChangePermissions ChangePermissions 262144

Change permissions for the key.

Delete Delete Delete Delete 65536

Delete the key.

FullControl FullControl FullControl FullControl 2032027

Full control of the key.

GenericAll GenericAll GenericAll GenericAll 268435456

A combination of GenericRead and GenericWrite.

GenericExecute GenericExecute GenericExecute GenericExecute 536870912

Not used.

GenericRead GenericRead GenericRead GenericRead -2147483648

Read the key data, extended attributes of the key, attributes of the key, and permissions for the key.

GenericWrite GenericWrite GenericWrite GenericWrite 1073741824

Write the key data, extended attributes of the key, attributes of the key, and permissions for the key.

ReadAttributes ReadAttributes ReadAttributes ReadAttributes 128

Read attributes of the key.

ReadData ReadData ReadData ReadData 1

Read the key data.

ReadExtendedAttributes ReadExtendedAttributes ReadExtendedAttributes ReadExtendedAttributes 8

Read extended attributes of the key.

ReadPermissions ReadPermissions ReadPermissions ReadPermissions 131072

Read permissions for the key.

Synchronize Synchronize Synchronize Synchronize 1048576

Use the key for synchronization.

TakeOwnership TakeOwnership TakeOwnership TakeOwnership 524288

Take ownership of the key.

WriteAttributes WriteAttributes WriteAttributes WriteAttributes 256

Write attributes of the key.

WriteData WriteData WriteData WriteData 2

Write key data.

WriteExtendedAttributes WriteExtendedAttributes WriteExtendedAttributes WriteExtendedAttributes 16

Write extended attributes of the key.

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