CngKeyCreationParameters CngKeyCreationParameters CngKeyCreationParameters CngKeyCreationParameters Class


Contains advanced properties for key creation.

public ref class CngKeyCreationParameters sealed
public sealed class CngKeyCreationParameters
type CngKeyCreationParameters = class
Public NotInheritable Class CngKeyCreationParameters


CngKey objects contain properties. Some properties must be added to a key when it is created. Other properties can be added after the key is created.

The CngKeyCreationParameters class enables you to add properties to a key as it is being created. You can do this by passing a CngKeyCreationParameters object that contains standard key properties, such as key storage provider (KSP), export policy, key usage, user interface (UI) policy, and parent window handle, to the Create method. The CngKey object that is being created will be initialized with these values before it is finalized.

You can also add non-standard properties to a key by using the Parameters property.

If you need to add properties after a key is created, use the SetProperty method.


CngKeyCreationParameters() CngKeyCreationParameters() CngKeyCreationParameters() CngKeyCreationParameters()

Initializes a new instance of the CngKeyCreationParameters class.


ExportPolicy ExportPolicy ExportPolicy ExportPolicy

Gets or sets the key export policy.

KeyCreationOptions KeyCreationOptions KeyCreationOptions KeyCreationOptions

Gets or sets the key creation options.

KeyUsage KeyUsage KeyUsage KeyUsage

Gets or sets the cryptographic operations that apply to the current key.

Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters

Enables a CngKey object to be created with additional properties that are set before the key is finalized.

ParentWindowHandle ParentWindowHandle ParentWindowHandle ParentWindowHandle

Gets or sets the window handle that should be used as the parent window for dialog boxes that are created by Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) classes.

Provider Provider Provider Provider

Gets or sets the key storage provider (KSP) to create a key in.

UIPolicy UIPolicy UIPolicy UIPolicy

Gets or sets information about the user interface to display when a key is created or accessed.


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