DpapiDataProtector.Scope Property


Gets or sets the scope of the data protection.

 property System::Security::Cryptography::DataProtectionScope Scope { System::Security::Cryptography::DataProtectionScope get(); void set(System::Security::Cryptography::DataProtectionScope value); };
public System.Security.Cryptography.DataProtectionScope Scope { get; set; }
member this.Scope : System.Security.Cryptography.DataProtectionScope with get, set
Public Property Scope As DataProtectionScope

Property Value

One of the enumeration values that specifies the scope of the data protection (either the current user or the local machine). The default is CurrentUser.


Data protection encrypts the data on the disk so it cannot be read by other programs. You do not need a key to protect or unprotect the data. If you set the Scope to CurrentUser, only applications running on your credentials can unprotect the data; however, that means that any application running on your credentials can access the protected data. If you set the Scope to LocalMachine, any full-trust application on the computer can unprotect, access, and modify the data if it knows the application name, the primary purpose, and the specific purpose.

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