SignedXml.XmlLicenseTransformUrl Field


Represents the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the license transform algorithm used to normalize XrML licenses for signatures.

public: System::String ^ XmlLicenseTransformUrl;
public const string XmlLicenseTransformUrl;
val mutable XmlLicenseTransformUrl : string
Public Const XmlLicenseTransformUrl As String 

Field Value



The value of the XmlLicenseTransformUrl field is "urn:mpeg:mpeg21:2003:01-REL-R-NS:licenseTransform"

Use this field to conveniently supply a value to one of the URI attributes of an element used for XMLDSIG.

The XmlLicenseTransform class implements the transform described by the XmlLicenseTransformUrl field.

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