ISessionChannel<TSession> ISessionChannel<TSession> ISessionChannel<TSession> ISessionChannel<TSession> Interface


Defines the interface that associates a channel with a specific type of session.

generic <typename TSession>
 where TSession : ISessionpublic interface class ISessionChannel
public interface ISessionChannel<TSession> where TSession : ISession
type ISessionChannel<'Session (requires 'Session :> ISession)> = interface
Public Interface ISessionChannel(Of TSession)

Type Parameters


The type of ISession associated with the cannel.



The ISessionChannel<TSession> interface is the base interface for session-based channels. It associates the type of session with the channel by setting the generic type parameter TSession to a type that implements the ISession interface in a way that reflects its role in the message exchange. For example, the TSession is set to IInputSession for an incoming session on the receiving side of a one-way communication, to IOutputSession for an outgoing session on the sending side of a one-way communication, and to IDuplexSession for a duplex session for a bi-directional communication pattern.

The ISessionChannel<TSession> interface provides a Session property to retrieve the session with which the channel is associated.


Session Session Session Session

Gets the type of session associated with this channel.

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