Message.GetBodyAttribute(String, String) Method


Retrieves the attributes of the message body.

 System::String ^ GetBodyAttribute(System::String ^ localName, System::String ^ ns);
public string GetBodyAttribute (string localName, string ns);
member this.GetBodyAttribute : string * string -> string
Public Function GetBodyAttribute (localName As String, ns As String) As String



The local name of the XML node.

The name of the element that corresponds to this member. This string must be a valid XML element name.


The namespace to which this XML element belongs.

The namespace URI of the element that corresponds to this member. The system does not validate any URIs other than transport addresses.


The attributes of the message body.


localName or ns is null.

The message is closed.

The message has been copied, read or written.


A Message instance has a body that corresponds to the SOAP body. It can be accessed as an XmlDictionaryReader by calling GetReaderAtBodyContents. It is initially positioned directly after the <S:Body> element, and it returns EOF on reaching the </S:Body> element. Alternatively, if you expect the body to contain a serialized object, you can call GetBody instead. You should be aware that a message body can only be accessed once and a message can only be written once. If you want to access the body multiple times, use CreateBufferedCopy to create a MessageBuffer instance.

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