Message.GetReaderAtBodyContents Method


Gets the XML dictionary reader that accesses the body content of this message.

 System::Xml::XmlDictionaryReader ^ GetReaderAtBodyContents();
public System.Xml.XmlDictionaryReader GetReaderAtBodyContents ();
member this.GetReaderAtBodyContents : unit -> System.Xml.XmlDictionaryReader
Public Function GetReaderAtBodyContents () As XmlDictionaryReader


A XmlDictionaryReader object that accesses the body content of this message.


The message is closed.

The message is empty, or has been copied, read or written.


A Message instance has a body that corresponds to the SOAP body. It can be accessed as an XmlDictionaryReader by calling GetReaderAtBodyContents. It is initially positioned directly after the <S:Body> element. Alternatively, if you expect the body to contain a serialized object, you can call GetBody instead. You should be aware that a message body can only be accessed once and a message can only be written once. If you want to access the body multiple times, use CreateBufferedCopy to create a MessageBuffer instance.

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