ReliableSessionBindingElement.AcknowledgementInterval Property


Gets or sets the interval of time that a destination waits before sending an acknowledgment to the message source on reliable channels that are created by the factory.

 property TimeSpan AcknowledgementInterval { TimeSpan get(); void set(TimeSpan value); };
public TimeSpan AcknowledgementInterval { get; set; }
member this.AcknowledgementInterval : TimeSpan with get, set
Public Property AcknowledgementInterval As TimeSpan

Property Value


The TimeSpan that specifies the interval of time that a service waits until sending an acknowledgment to the message source. The default value is 2 seconds.


The value set is less than or equal to zero.


The destination that receives messages on a reliable channel groups the acknowledgments for these messages together into a single message to reduce network traffic and to increase information density on messages. Grouping scales better as traffic increases. It does not attempt to send an acknowledgment for every message it receives as soon as possible, but rather waits for an interval of time, groups together the acknowledgments that have arrived during that interval, and then sends them all together. The first message that is received is the exception; it is acknowledged as soon as it is delivered. Also, if reliable sessions are used with single HTTP connections, as is the case for example with the WSHttpBinding but not WSDualHttpBinding, then this setting is not used.

The value that is set with the AcknowledgementInterval property is a recommendation to the infrastructure and not a hard limit.

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