DllHostInitializer DllHostInitializer DllHostInitializer DllHostInitializer Class


This class provides the implementation of the IProcessInitializer interface for the initialization of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) COM+ integration services. It should not be used directly.

public ref class DllHostInitializer : System::EnterpriseServices::IProcessInitializer
public class DllHostInitializer : System.EnterpriseServices.IProcessInitializer
type DllHostInitializer = class
    interface IProcessInitializer
Public Class DllHostInitializer
Implements IProcessInitializer


DllHostInitializer() DllHostInitializer() DllHostInitializer() DllHostInitializer()

Initializes a new instance of the DllHostInitializer class.


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Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown() Shutdown()

Shuts down all the COM+ service hosts that were started by calls to the Startup method.

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Starts a COM+ service host for the current COM+ application.

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