FaultContractInfo FaultContractInfo FaultContractInfo FaultContractInfo Class


Represents information about a SOAP fault that is specified in a FaultContractAttribute attribute.

public ref class FaultContractInfo
public class FaultContractInfo
type FaultContractInfo = class
Public Class FaultContractInfo


You can get a collection of FaultContractInfo objects by accessing the ClientOperation.FaultContractInfos and DispatchOperation.FaultContractInfos properties. The FaultContractInfo class exposes the action of the SOAP fault and the detail type that is serialized into the SOAP fault.


FaultContractInfo(String, Type) FaultContractInfo(String, Type) FaultContractInfo(String, Type) FaultContractInfo(String, Type)

Initializes a new instance of the FaultContractInfo class that uses the specified action and detail type.


Action Action Action Action

Gets the SOAP fault action value.

Detail Detail Detail Detail

The type of the object that is serialized as the SOAP fault detail.


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