IClientChannel IClientChannel IClientChannel IClientChannel Interface


Defines the behavior of outbound request and request/reply channels used by client applications.

public interface class IClientChannel : IDisposable, System::ServiceModel::IContextChannel, System::ServiceModel::IExtensibleObject<System::ServiceModel::IContextChannel ^>
public interface IClientChannel : IDisposable, System.ServiceModel.IContextChannel, System.ServiceModel.IExtensibleObject<System.ServiceModel.IContextChannel>
type IClientChannel = interface
    interface IContextChannel
    interface ICommunicationObject
    interface IDisposable
    interface IChannel
    interface IExtensibleObject<IContextChannel>
Public Interface IClientChannel
Implements IContextChannel, IDisposable, IExtensibleObject(Of IContextChannel)


The IClientChannel interface defines the operations supported by all channels returned by a call to ChannelFactory<TChannel>.CreateChannel. Use the IClientChannel methods and properties to inspect and modify the outbound typed channel. The ServiceModel Metadata Utility Tool (Svcutil.exe) exports both a ClientBase<TChannel> class and a service contract interface by creating a contract interface that inherits from both the target service contract and IClientChannel, enabling you to use the extended contract as both the proxy to the service and to access the client channel.

For more information, see WCF Client Architecture. For examples of its appearance in generated client code files, see Understanding Generated Client Code.


AllowInitializationUI AllowInitializationUI AllowInitializationUI AllowInitializationUI

Gets or sets a value indicating whether DisplayInitializationUI() attempts to call the IInteractiveChannelInitializer objects in the InteractiveChannelInitializers property or throws if that collection is not empty.

DidInteractiveInitialization DidInteractiveInitialization DidInteractiveInitialization DidInteractiveInitialization

Gets a value indicating whether a call was done to a user interface to obtain credential information.

Via Via Via Via

Gets the URI that contains the transport address to which messages are sent on the client channel.


BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object)

An asynchronous call to begin using a user interface to obtain credential information.

DisplayInitializationUI() DisplayInitializationUI() DisplayInitializationUI() DisplayInitializationUI()

A call to a user interface to obtain credential information.

EndDisplayInitializationUI(IAsyncResult) EndDisplayInitializationUI(IAsyncResult) EndDisplayInitializationUI(IAsyncResult) EndDisplayInitializationUI(IAsyncResult)

Called when the call to BeginDisplayInitializationUI(AsyncCallback, Object) has finished.


UnknownMessageReceived UnknownMessageReceived UnknownMessageReceived UnknownMessageReceived

This is a reserved event.

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