TransactionProtocol TransactionProtocol TransactionProtocol TransactionProtocol Class


Specifies the transaction protocol used in flowing transactions.

public ref class TransactionProtocol abstract
public abstract class TransactionProtocol
type TransactionProtocol = class
Public MustInherit Class TransactionProtocol


This class is used together with the TransactionFlowBindingElement class to specify the desired protocol for flowing transactions.


TransactionProtocol() TransactionProtocol() TransactionProtocol() TransactionProtocol()

Initializes a new instance of the TransactionProtocol class.


Default Default Default Default

Gets the default value for the transaction protocol.

OleTransactions OleTransactions OleTransactions OleTransactions

Gets the OleTransactions transaction protocol value.

WSAtomicTransaction11 WSAtomicTransaction11 WSAtomicTransaction11 WSAtomicTransaction11

Gets the WSAtomicTransaction11 transaction protocol value.

WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004 WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004 WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004 WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004

Gets the WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004 transaction protocol value.


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