SpeechRecognitionEngine.RecognizerAudioPosition Property


Gets the current location of the SpeechRecognitionEngine in the audio input that it is processing.

 property TimeSpan RecognizerAudioPosition { TimeSpan get(); };
public TimeSpan RecognizerAudioPosition { get; }
member this.RecognizerAudioPosition : TimeSpan
Public ReadOnly Property RecognizerAudioPosition As TimeSpan

Property Value

The position of the recognizer in the audio input that it is processing.


The audio position is specific to each speech recognizer. The zero value of an input stream is established when it is enabled.

The RecognizerAudioPosition property references the SpeechRecognitionEngine object's position within its audio input. By contrast, the AudioPosition property references the input device's position in its generated audio stream. These positions can be different. For example, if the recognizer has received input for which it has not yet generated a recognition result then the value of the RecognizerAudioPosition property is less than the value of the AudioPosition property.

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