SrgsDocument.Culture SrgsDocument.Culture SrgsDocument.Culture SrgsDocument.Culture Property


Gets or sets the culture information for the SrgsDocument instance.

 property System::Globalization::CultureInfo ^ Culture { System::Globalization::CultureInfo ^ get(); void set(System::Globalization::CultureInfo ^ value); };
public System.Globalization.CultureInfo Culture { get; set; }
member this.Culture : System.Globalization.CultureInfo with get, set
Public Property Culture As CultureInfo

Property Value

A CultureInfo object that contains the current culture information for SrgsDocument.



Microsoft Windows and the System.Speech API accept all valid language-country codes. To perform speech recognition using the language specified in the Culture property, a speech recognition engine that supports that language-country code must be installed. The speech recognition engines that shipped with Microsoft Windows 7 work with the following language-country codes.

  • en-GB. English (United Kingdom)

  • en-US. English (United States)

  • de-DE. German (Germany)

  • es-ES. Spanish (Spain)

  • fr-FR. French (France)

  • ja-JP. Japanese (Japan)

  • zh-CN. Chinese (China)

  • zh-TW. Chinese (Taiwan)

Two-letter language codes such as "en", "fr", or "es" are also permitted.

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