PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis PromptEmphasis Enum


Enumerates values for levels of emphasis in prompts.

public enum class PromptEmphasis
public enum PromptEmphasis
type PromptEmphasis = 
Public Enum PromptEmphasis


Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate 2

Indicates a moderate level of emphasis.

None None None None 3

Indicates no emphasis.

NotSet NotSet NotSet NotSet 0

Indicates that no emphasis value is specified.

Reduced Reduced Reduced Reduced 4

Indicates a reduced level of emphasis.

Strong Strong Strong Strong 1

Indicates a strong level of emphasis.


Members of the PromptEmphasis enumeration are used by the PromptStyle constructor, by the AppendText method, and by the StartStyle method to specify the level of emphasis for spoken text. The Emphasis property gets the emphasis for a PromptStyle object using a PromptEmphasis instance.


The speech synthesis engines in Windows do not support variations in the emphasis of speech output at this time. Setting values for emphasis using a member of the PromptEmphasis enumeration will produce no audible change in the synthesized speech output.

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