ApplicationServicesHostFactory ApplicationServicesHostFactory ApplicationServicesHostFactory ApplicationServicesHostFactory Class


Provides a factory class that creates instances of the authentication service, role service, and profile service in managed hosting environments.

public ref class ApplicationServicesHostFactory : System::ServiceModel::Activation::ServiceHostFactory
public class ApplicationServicesHostFactory : System.ServiceModel.Activation.ServiceHostFactory
type ApplicationServicesHostFactory = class
    inherit ServiceHostFactory
Public Class ApplicationServicesHostFactory
Inherits ServiceHostFactory


The following example shows how to specify ApplicationServicesHostFactory in the @ ServiceHost directive of a .svc file to configure the authentication service.

<%@ ServiceHost   
<%@ ServiceHost   


This factory class provides a way to create instances of the AuthenticationService, ProfileService, and RoleService classes.

To use this factory class, create a WCF Service (.svc) file and specify ApplicationServicesHostFactory in the ServiceHosting attribute of the @ ServiceHost directive.


ApplicationServicesHostFactory() ApplicationServicesHostFactory() ApplicationServicesHostFactory() ApplicationServicesHostFactory()

Initializes a new instance of the ApplicationServicesHostFactory class.


CreateServiceHost(String, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(String, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(String, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(String, Uri[])

Creates a ServiceHost with specific base addresses and initializes it with specified data.

(Inherited from ServiceHostFactory)
CreateServiceHost(Type, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(Type, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(Type, Uri[]) CreateServiceHost(Type, Uri[])

Creates an instance of the service class that has the specified base address or addresses.

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