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Provides a collection of values that describe a profile property.

public ref class ProfilePropertyMetadata : System::Runtime::Serialization::IExtensibleDataObject
public class ProfilePropertyMetadata : System.Runtime.Serialization.IExtensibleDataObject
type ProfilePropertyMetadata = class
    interface IExtensibleDataObject
Public Class ProfilePropertyMetadata
Implements IExtensibleDataObject


You use the ProfilePropertyMetadata class to retrieve information about a profile property when you access profiles through the ProfileService class. You can retrieve the name and type of the property, whether it is read-only, whether it can be accessed by users who have not been authenticated, and the default value. An application can take the appropriate actions based on these values, such as not trying to set a read-only property.

To access the ProfilePropertyMetadata object from an application that is compatible with the Windows Communication Framework (WCF), use the GetPropertiesMetadata method of the ProfileService class. The user does not have to be logged on to retrieve the ProfilePropertyMetadata object because the metadata for profile properties is not specific to a user's profile property values.

The values in the ProfilePropertyMetadata class are set in the Web.config file in the element of the section when the property is defined.


ProfilePropertyMetadata() ProfilePropertyMetadata() ProfilePropertyMetadata() ProfilePropertyMetadata()

Initializes a new instance of the ProfilePropertyMetadata class.


AllowAnonymousAccess AllowAnonymousAccess AllowAnonymousAccess AllowAnonymousAccess

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the property is available to unauthenticated users.

DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue

Gets or sets the default value of the property.

ExtensionData ExtensionData ExtensionData ExtensionData

Gets or sets a reference to an ExtensionDataObject instance.

IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a profile property is read-only.

PropertyName PropertyName PropertyName PropertyName

Gets or sets the name of the profile property.

SerializeAs SerializeAs SerializeAs SerializeAs

Gets or sets a value that indicates how to serialize the property value.

TypeName TypeName TypeName TypeName

Gets or sets the assembly-qualified name of the profile property type.


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