BuildProvider.VirtualPath Property


Represents the file to be built by this build provider implementation.

protected public:
 property System::String ^ VirtualPath { System::String ^ get(); };
protected internal string VirtualPath { get; }
member this.VirtualPath : string
Protected Friend ReadOnly Property VirtualPath As String

Property Value


A read-only string that specifies the virtual path of a file to be compiled by this build provider.


The virtual path of a BuildProvider object is the path to the file that is being compiled by the build provider. For example, if you have configured a custom BuildProvider class to build all files in the Web site with the custom extension of .abc, if your Web site is named WebSite1, and the Web site contains a file named, the VirtualPath property contains the value /WebSite1/

The file extension of each file within the application determines the file type, and the corresponding build provider for the file type. The ASP.NET build environment initializes a BuildProvider object for each file based on the file type, and uses the BuildProvider methods to generate source for each file.

For more information about configuring a build provider, see buildProviders Element for compilation (ASP.NET Settings Schema).

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