ISuspendibleRegisteredObject Interface


Listens for suspend and resume notifications.

public interface class ISuspendibleRegisteredObject : System::Web::Hosting::IRegisteredObject
public interface ISuspendibleRegisteredObject : System.Web.Hosting.IRegisteredObject
type ISuspendibleRegisteredObject = interface
    interface IRegisteredObject
Public Interface ISuspendibleRegisteredObject
Implements IRegisteredObject


If an application passes to the RegisterObject method an object that implements the ISuspendibleRegisteredObject interface, the hosting environment will subscribe the object to listen for suspend or resume notifications.



Requests a registered object to unregister.

(Inherited from IRegisteredObject)

Called when ASP.NET notifies an application that a process is being suspended.

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Thread Safety

Instance members of this type are not guaranteed to be thread safe. You can call the Suspend() method at any time, including during a call to another method on this same object, during calls to other objects' Suspend() methods, or even during a call to this object's Suspend() method. Because the execution of these methods is multithreaded, there is an interval in which the Suspend() method can be called even after a call to the UnregisterObject(IRegisteredObject) method has completed.