EventNotificationType EventNotificationType EventNotificationType EventNotificationType Enum


Specifies the type of event notification.

public enum class EventNotificationType
public enum EventNotificationType
type EventNotificationType = 
Public Enum EventNotificationType


Flush Flush Flush Flush 2

The notification of an event is triggered by a requested flush.

Regular Regular Regular Regular 0

The notification of an event is triggered on a regularly scheduled interval.

Unbuffered Unbuffered Unbuffered Unbuffered 3

Every event is treated as if a flush has occurred.

Urgent Urgent Urgent Urgent 1

Notification triggered by exceeding the urgent event threshold.


The EventNotificationType enumeration provides four notification types that specify how the notification should take place. The four notification types are as follows:

  • Flush

  • Regular

  • Unbuffered

  • Urgent

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