WebEventCodes.WebEventProviderInformation Field


Represents the event code used by providers to record nonstandard information about an event. This field is constant.

public: int WebEventProviderInformation = 6001;
public const int WebEventProviderInformation = 6001;
val mutable WebEventProviderInformation : int
Public Const WebEventProviderInformation As Integer  = 6001

Field Value


WebEventProviderInformation is the major code used by providers to store nonstandard health event information. Its value is greater than MiscCodeBase.

For example, if ASP.NET health events are dropped during buffering, the SimpleMailWebEventProvider adds a warning to the top of the messages without using the WebEventProviderInformation.But the only way for the SqlWebEventProvider to write this warning is to create a record in the database. Because every record in the database needs an event ID, the provider uses the WebEventProviderInformation as its major code and SqlProviderEventsDropped as the detail code to create this ID.


As you can see from the above discussion, the WebEventProviderInformation is not associated with any ASP.NET health event.

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